The Learning of Interacting

Social Skill Development Therapy

Social Skills Development Therapy

SOCIAL SKILLS are vital to any individual. These help the individual establish healthy relationships in life and work, which are generally necessary to function adequately in society.

ITS Social Skill Therapy

Therapy teaches children how to pick up on social cues and respond appropriately to these cues. Interactive group activities such as games, question and answer sessions, or role playing are some of the tools used in therapy. Therapy is done in groups providing the necessary opportunities for social interaction with not only peers but the overseeing adults as well, allowing for practice of the skills, necessary to function within the community on a day to day basis. Our therapy sessions are conducted in groups by our occupational therapist or our speech therapist.

Our clients receive a complete and thorough assessment, after which the therapist writes a report stating the findings and proposes a treatment plan. The therapist will request a consultation time be set up with the parents to go over the report and answer any questions parents may have.

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